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The Sugar Content of Dried and Fresh Fruit

Some people on Paleo are very low carb and avoid fruit while others eat plenty of fruits.We are all different and some of us can handle a higher fruit intake than others. Personally I thrive on a less amount of fruit than my husband does. There is nothing that says that you should avoid fruit on the Paleo diet, but Cordain says in his new book, the Paleo Answer, that it is wise to avoid dried fruit and eat sparingly of the high sugar fruits if you’re overweight and/or suffer from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and abnormal blood lipids.

As you will see below, dried fruit is a lot higher in sugar than fresh fruit and should¬† be eaten in limited amount for most us. Fresh fruit is by far the best for us. Children are more active and don’t need to limit their carbohydrate as much as adults. Just make sure that the dried fruit is unsweetened.

Dried Fruits
Extremely High in Total Sugars/Total Sugars per 100 Grams
Dried Mango – 73.0
Raisins – Golden – 70.6
Zante Currants – 70.6
Raisins – 65.0
Dates – 64.2
Dried Figs – 62.3
Dried Papaya – 53.5
Dried Pears – 49.0
Dried Peaches – 44.6
Dried Prunes – 44.0
Dried Apricots – 38.9

Fresh Fruits
Very High in Total Sugars/Total Sugars per 100 grams
Grapes –¬† 18.1
Banana – 15.6
Mango – 14.8
Cherries, Sweet – 14.6
High in Total Sugars
Apple – 13.3
Pineapple – 11.9
Purple Passion Fruit – 11.2

As you can see, fresh fruit is a better choice than dried fruit, even better, try to eat more berries since they have a very low glycemic index.

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