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Can Milk Cause Type 1 Diabetes?

Loren Cordain thinks milk is filtered cow’s blood that contains almost all of the hormones and the protein building blocks, bioactive peptides, found in the blood of the cow. It seems possible for these to survive pasteurization and cross the intestinal barrier and enter our blood stream. Milk contains protease inhibitors so that the hormones and peptides are not destroyed by our gut enzymes. This is a good thing for a helpless calf that needs his mother’s hormones to grow quickly but not for humans.

Milk contains bovine insulin that manages to survive our digestive enzymes and cross the gut barrier to finally end up in our blood stream. The bovine insulin is different than the human kind and is flagged by the immune system as a foreign particle.  Cordain says, even though the process is not clear, the presence of bovine insulin antibodies in our system is related to an increased risk for type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is considered an autoimmune disease, the immune system destroys beta cells in the pancreas so that it cannot make insulin anymore. This means that people with type 1 diabetes must take insulin shots for the rest of their lives. Type 1 diabetes occurs mostly before the age of 10 in children. Milk has been identified milk as a major risk factor in several epidemiological studies. Especially if children have been exposed to milk and milk formula before the age of three.

Source: The Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain.
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The Sugar Content of Dried and Fresh Fruit

Some people on Paleo are very low carb and avoid fruit while others eat plenty of fruits.We are all different and some of us can handle a higher fruit intake than others. Personally I thrive on a less amount of fruit than my husband does. There is nothing that says that you should avoid fruit on the Paleo diet, but Cordain says in his new book, the Paleo Answer, that it is wise to avoid dried fruit and eat sparingly of the high sugar fruits if you’re overweight and/or suffer from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and abnormal blood lipids.

As you will see below, dried fruit is a lot higher in sugar than fresh fruit and should  be eaten in limited amount for most us. Fresh fruit is by far the best for us. Children are more active and don’t need to limit their carbohydrate as much as adults. Just make sure that the dried fruit is unsweetened.

Dried Fruits
Extremely High in Total Sugars/Total Sugars per 100 Grams
Dried Mango – 73.0
Raisins – Golden – 70.6
Zante Currants – 70.6
Raisins – 65.0
Dates – 64.2
Dried Figs – 62.3
Dried Papaya – 53.5
Dried Pears – 49.0
Dried Peaches – 44.6
Dried Prunes – 44.0
Dried Apricots – 38.9

Fresh Fruits
Very High in Total Sugars/Total Sugars per 100 grams
Grapes –  18.1
Banana – 15.6
Mango – 14.8
Cherries, Sweet – 14.6
High in Total Sugars
Apple – 13.3
Pineapple – 11.9
Purple Passion Fruit – 11.2

As you can see, fresh fruit is a better choice than dried fruit, even better, try to eat more berries since they have a very low glycemic index.

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Is Paleo Anti-Cancer?

Paleo is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle that means a more natural and minimalist approach to living. People eating the Paleo way clean up their diet by removing grains, sugar, legumes, and dairy and replace them with meat, fruit, and vegetables. The absence of packaged food means less exposure to toxins linked to cancer. This way of eating seems extreme by many, especially by people still promoting a high carbohydrate diet low in fat.

Loren Cordain states in his latest book, The Paleo Answer, that The Paleo Diet can greatly reduce your risk of getting cancer  due to the many nutritional elements that it contains. With the focus in the media about breast cancer it is interesting to note that lung cancer is responsible for almost twice as many deaths as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Lung cancer is highly preventable in most cases since almost all lung cancer is caused by smoking.  Doctors such as  Dr.Urquhart and Dr. Samuel Hutton both treated non westernized people and they discovered that cancer was non existent.  Other well known European diseases were also absent, they noted.  The natives immunity to cancer disappeared the more westernized they became over the years.  Dr. Schweitzer discovered the same thing when he arrived in Gabon in 1913, that he didn’t encounter any cases of cancer . He credited the absence of cancer to the difference in nutrition of the natives compared to the Europeans. He also noticed that cases of cancer occurred  the more the natives lived like the whites.

Loren Cordain agrees in his book that the absence of breast, colorectal, prostate and other cancers had everything to do with the natives’ diet in Gabon. 

According to Cordain, the Paleo Diet is a low glycemic index, low-glycemic load diet. I learned in Cordain’s book that a very recent meta analysis of ten studies and more than 575,000 subjects performed by Drs. Qin and Dong show that a high glycemic diet increases the risk for developing breast cancer. Anther meta analysis showed similar results.  As Robb Wolfe mentions in his book, The Paleo Solution, whole grains and refined grains both turn into sugar in the body.

Apart from the Paleo Diet’s low glycemic load, it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and low in omega 6 vegetable oils. Studies of animal models  and tissues of breast cancer show that omega 6 fatty acids stimulate cancer growth while omega 3 fatty acids inhibit it.

The Paleo Diet is milk and dairy free. As mentioned early on in the book, drinking milk boosts  blood concentrations of female hormones. Milk drinking will elevate blood estrogen levels and increase the risk for breast and ovarian cancer in women and increase the risk for prostate and testicular cancer in men. ( I will cover milk more in detail in a future post.)

The Paleo Diet is extremely high in fresh vegetables and fruit. These are Mother Nature’s best medicine. Meta analysis of population studies have shown that fresh vegetables and fruits indeed protect women from many cancers.

As you can see there are many benefits of eating the Paleo way.

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